Thoughtful Quotes

Sometimes I say something in Present Indefinite tense. It means its a universal truth type thing. These are my believes. Its something like my dialog that I like to use every situation. I am writing it here so that I wont forget it. I’ll add more and more when I get time or when I get new one.

So, Lets start.

  1. Always get prepared for the worst case. And sometime consider it.
  2. 2 attitudes destroy an Internet community 1) “what does he think about me? Don’t know anything” and 2) “I know this better than you. Why do I have to learn from you??”
    • Simplified: Lack of respect to others knowledge destroys a community.
  3. The feelings of love decreases with the total number of lover inversely.
    • If you love 1st time, Its in full throttle. If you love the second leaving the first, It will be half. Third time It’ll be one-third.
  4. Sometimes Love doesn’t follow science
  5. Never ever recruit a weak hearted person as your trip mate. They will spoil the whole trip.
    • Think you recruit a person for Trekking who afraid of height.
  6. You can buy a house, not a home. You can buy sex not love.
    • Money cant buy everything.
  7. Find a partner that can stand beside you when you cry, mourn, Not anyone else. others will just run away from you
  8. Every time you loose, Its an experience. Every time you won, Its an achievement.
    • You are always gaining when time goes by
  9. Computer programmers are the most lazy people in the world. They never user their own brain, rather user computers processor.
  10. Sometimes you need someone to talk to. It does not matter who it is, Its matter that its someone who will listen to you without saying any word.
    • You always need a good listener to talk to.

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